Solar Panel

High Power Generation

Our solar panels meet your energy needs with high power generation.

High Efficiency

Our panels provide maximum benefit from sunlight with high efficiency.

Bifacial Technology

With bifacial technology, our panels increase efficiency by receiving sunlight from both the front and back.

Superior Durability

Our panels provide long-lasting use in various weather conditions with excellent strength capacity.

Bottom Cover / LETID

The Bottom Cover and LETID technology increase the durability and performance of our panels.

High Compatibility

Our panels can be integrated with different systems thanks to their high compatibility.



Optimized Temperature Coefficient

With an optimized temperature coefficient, our panels maintain their high performance under different temperature conditions.

Low Heating Advantage

With the low-heat advantage, our panels provide long-lasting and stable performance

High Efficiency at Low Heat

Our panels provide high efficiency even at low heat conditions.

Exceptional PID Resistance

With exceptional PID resistance, our panels minimize potential power loss and deliver long-lasting performance.

Technology to Minimize LID Effect

N-type cell minimizes LID (Light Induced Distortion) effect.

Transition to Green Energy by Reducing Carbon Emissions

Our solar panels play an important role in reducing carbon emissions as an environmentally friendly energy source.